La Osita of Moro


Osa's Health Clearances

  • MDR1: Clear
  • DM: Clear
  • vWD (von Willebrand): Clear
  • Hemophilia A (factor VIII): Clear
  • OFA hips: not tested
  • OFA elbows: not tested

Osa's Accomplishments

For sale $2800. Osa was born May 6th, 2021, from our “O2” litter with parents Natus and Lilith. Osa looks very much like her mama Lilith. She has a sweet disposition, which is very biddable and easy to train. Osa is gregarious and friendly, and is best suited for families with older children as she is a bit too energetic for small children. Osa likes other dogs, though does struggle with social cues from other dogs so would best be paired with a male or with her mother Lilith, so she can have a doggy social life. Osa is good in the house and loves spending time lounging on the couch. Osa is friendly and would make a good watch dog, along with her mother Lilith. We have decided to sell Osa, as we kept her back as insurance in case her sister Kimber failed to pass health clearances for breeding. However, Kimber has passed everything and is having a successful career in Europe, making Osa not needed to be kept here at Moro.