About Moro Shepherds

Moro Shepherds is located on 5 acres just outside of Albany, Oregon. Our dogs are family pets as well as being stock for our breeding program.

We produce some of the best temperaments of this breed that can be found anywhere in the world. We have extremely healthy gene stock, and the dogs we produce are backed by a health guarantee that cannot be beat. We produce happy, open charactered puppies that with a range of drives and energy to be able to suit most requests that come to us. Our goal is to produce dogs of sound temperament, health and body; conforming to the United Kennel Club and the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) breed standard for the Berger Blanc Suisse, aka White Swiss Shepherd and White Shepherd (the two standards are nearly identical). Our domestic stock is registered with UKC as White Shepherds, and we also have imported FCI Berger Blanc Suisse stock. Import lines were brought in to increase working drive while outcrossing to maintain gene diversity. We were having trouble finding sound American stock that we felt would maintain the health, temperament, and structure qualities we were looking for, while trying to achieve a lower breeding coefficient.

All of our breed stock are OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and/or PennHip evaluated for hip joint formation are backed our strict guarantee with respect to health. We have a lifetime guarantee with regards to life threatening genetic illnesses, and genetically test for appropriate and testable health issues whenever possible. Our breed stock is typically tested for elbows, eye, cardiac, patella, and thyroid issues.

Berger Blanc Suisse/White Shepherds make great companion, service, and working dogs, and they have the natural physical and mental ability to be used for home protection, agility, obedience, herding, therapy, tracking disciplines, and make a great all around farm dog. Most of our own stock have medium to high play drives, medium to high prey drives, and strong natural tracking instincts. Most of our litters will produce puppies ranging in drive to be able to accommodate various requests for companion homes up to drives necessary to meet the needs of a performance puppy buyer. Our conformation quality is high across all litters these days, as our breeding program gets closer and closer to reaching its goal of a total dog. All puppies get written evaluations by a judge; testing for temperament soundness as well as structural quality. These evaluations are what determine the price for individual pups. We often sell show quality stock into companion and working homes.

Our breeding program strives for: strong, confident, happy, protective and trainable temperaments, longevity, beauty, and sound structure for a quality ‘total’ dog. We make several donation of puppies annually to not-for-profits for our dogs to go into life saving services such as Search and Rescue, various types of medical alert, lift assist, and emotional therapy and social anxiety. Please understand that we strive for producing working dogs and they will need to have their minds and bodies kept active for having in order to have the best relationship with a Moro dog. All of our puppies are whelped in our home, and are constantly handled and subjected to a myriad of noises, people and circumstances to ensure a well rounded puppy. We litter box train our puppies, and they are most often, potty trained by the time they go to their new homes at 9 weeks of age.

As for myself, I have worked with dogs since I was a child, and am a 4th generation dog fancier, with parents, and grandparents, and great grandparents also having had been well respected breeders in their own breeds. My parents had afghan hounds, then later Irish Setters and Finnish Spitz. My grandparents had Cocker Spaniels and a few other breeds, and my great uncle had Welsh Terriers and was an AKC judge nearly 100 years ago. After attending the University of Oregon, I settled into working as a police dispatcher for a county law enforcement agency. I met my husband at a dog show, and he works as an operations engineer for a large tech firm. Our goal is to produce dogs that can perform well in a family environment yet also have the drive and stability and instincts to perform in any manner of performance and the health and structure to maintain longevity. We have many dogs placed in homes as service dogs, from law enforcement Search and Rescue, to lift assist, seizure alert, general therapy work, to farm utility dog. However, our temperament focus is to produce stock suitable for Search work. Search and Rescue demands a dog with proper structure for durability in the field, as well as high drives for play and natural tracking abilities. Our dogs suitable for Search will track via air as well as ground, and will have high prey drives, but a very strong bonding ability with people.

We feed Royal Canin formula designed for German Shepherd Dogs and similar breeds.