Kennel name change - Parsons to Moro

The evolution of our kennel name of Moro Shepherds is a short story. Beginning as Parsons Creek Shepherds, I literally lived on a creek named Parsons. The creek ran right next to my house and I even fished off of the deck overlooking that creek. I divorced in 2012, and had begun dating a guy named Mike that I met at a dog show. Mike had a male White Shepherd named Regalwise Faust, aka Lucky, that came from the same breeder as one of my foundation bitches. By then, I had dropped the “Creek” from Parsons Creek Shepherds, going by simply Parsons Shepherds. That suited us okay, but after having married Mike, our lives and breeding programs, both personal and doggy, had merged. It seemed high time for a change, indicating a new chapter in our lives, and with a name that did not give reminder of the past, yet something that had meaning to me, and stood for something that I have personal interest in; the anime of Hayao Miyazaki. One of my personal favorites is Princess Mononoke. Within that manga, is a character named Moro. Moro is the Wolf Goddess, and portrayed as white in color. She is a leader, is strong, is to be feared, and is a Mother and protector of nature. These traits seemed to connect with me, and all encompassed in a white dog- perfect. Moro we are.