Puppy Pricing Info

Our puppies are priced based on written evaluations by a third party judge; often being a licensed international conformation judge. Generally, evaluations are done a few days prior to 8 weeks of age, due to the fact that skeletal structure at 8 weeks of age mimics that of adulthood. Character and temperament is monitored starting at about 5-6 weeks of age and is also observed later during conformation evaluations for specific traits. Pricing is not based on a buyer’s plans for a puppy, and we will gladly place a show quality puppy in a suitable companion home. With that in mind, pricing as follows:

Non-Show/Non-Breed quality puppies $1500

These puppies are to be spayed or neutured for release of registration papers. We are particular about the quality of breedstock that we allow to produce progeny under the Moro name; so dogs that do not meet our standards for strict adherence to the FCI White Swiss Shepherd breed structure and character type are placed on these type of contracts. We have come a long way in our breeding program, and these days roughly 1 in 10 pups will rate as non-breed quality.
An evaluation of non-breed quality may occur for things such as weak pigmentation, lack of balance in gait, or a character that is non-conforming to the breed standard.

Breed to show quality puppies - $2800 to $3500

Pricing of individual pups will be based on individual evaluations as described above. Puppies that are considered breed quality will be closer to the $2800 end of the spectrum while the more show quality puppies will be at the higher end of the pricing range. All puppies that evaluate as breed quality or above will be sold with full registration/breeding rights. All of Moro’s breed stock is registered with an FCI member country, and puppies will be registered with UKC as well as entered into the stud book for the White Swiss Shepherd for eventual entry in AKC if/when the breed is accepted with that registry.

Deposits $400

Deposit to reserve a puppy is $400, and is non-refundable unless we are unable to provide a suitable puppy. Litter picks are in order of deposits received. In all litters, Moro reserves the right for first pick of puppy, as we often donate working prospects to non-profit organizations and always reserve the right to make these placements above all others. To explain “provide a suitable puppy” - for example, if a buyer desires a female, and no females, or not enough females are available, we will refund the deposit. Also, owning a shepherd is a long term commitment, and Moro takes extreme care in matching a puppy’s temperament with a home that is suitable for the particular energy level, drives, and housing attributes that vary depending on the individual pup. If an available puppy is not suitable in this regard, we will refund your deposit, or move your deposit forward to a future litter - your choice.