Imperator Furiosa of Moro


Imperator Furiosa of Moro is the daughter of our San and Natus. She is a lovely short coated girl with snow white coat and excellent pigmentation. Having a very athletic build, Fury is suitable for any manner of performance or training discipline. She has grown into a gorgeous specimen of a White Swiss, to include an amazing character. Fury is full of drive and confidence, and is a bubbly and happy girl that is loves to play. She is a ball freak, and loves all manner of toys. Furiosa is a strong willed female, but is quite biddable, and highly intelligent. We are so happy with all aspects of her character, health and structure, that we will likely keep another female from a future mating of Furiosa’s parents, San and Natus.

Fury is currently in Europe, showing with a handler to earn international titles.