Hela Odindottir of Moro


Hela Odinsdottir of Moro, aka Hela, is the daughter of Parsons Lady Sif and Natus AstraAvis del Branco Selvaggio. It was time to keep something for our program in passing on Sif’s lovely traits to the next generation. We decided to keep both Hela and Renata. Hela has grown into a very lovely lady and is very much a lap dog who loves to hang out with her people. She is most at ease in the dirt and with her toys, or on the couch snuggling her family. Hela is very ball driven and almost always has a ball in her mouth. Both Renata and Hela have passed all health clearances and both have a lovely character and physique. We have decided to place Hela in a pet home due to her struggles becoming pregnant and maintaining a pregnancy. Hela is for sale for $2000 to a pet home and will be spayed prior to placement.