Padishah Empress Kimber of Moro


Kimber's Health Clearances

Kimber's Accomplishments

  • Grand Champion Kosovo
  • Grand Champion Albania
  • Grand Champion Romania
  • Grand Champion Croatia
  • Champion Bosnia and Herzegovinia
  • Champion Serbia
  • Champion Slovakia
  • Champion Slovenia
  • Sarajevo Winner
  • Skopje Winner
  • Zagreb Winner
  • Prishtina Cup Winner
  • IABCA International Champion
  • IABCA National Champion
  • UKC Champion
  • Multiple Herding Group wins
  • 2023 Cruft's Qualified x3
  • 2024 Cruft's Qualified

Padishah Empress Kimber of Moro was born from our “K2” litter with parentage being of Natus and Lilith. Kimber has the body structure of her dam, Lilith, but with the substance of papa Natus. She has a sweet disposition, which is very biddable and easy to train. She has a very calm and stable character, is a great guard dog, yet at the same time is open and friendly. Kimber gets along great with other dogs, even with our dominant females, and has an amazing off switch so is a wonderful house dog. She has great ball drive, loves sticks, and tugs and can even play by herself, being self soothing and able to keep busy on her own.
Kimber was in Europe for 9 months from mid 2022 to February 2023. We are so happy to have her home from her job as a show dog and are happy to have her soft and cuddly butt back on our couch. During her time in Europe she earned many titles and we are so proud of her accomplishments. We will show her a bit more in the USA, and then onto the whelping box and some performance work.