Lilith of Moro


Lilith is retired from breeding and dog shows. She has been spayed and is retiring to a family in Vermont, who already owns Lilith’s sister, Luna. We wish her spoiled and happy days during her many retirement years to come.

Lilith of Moro was born from our “U” litter with parentage being of our import stock. Her dam is UKC Champion Beverly-Nala Heroes of the White Shepherd, and sire Fire Fenix von King’s Silbertal. Lilith is 3/4 descended from German stock and her granddam is of South African stock.

Lilith’s lineage is unique, and she is physically the perfect compliment of both her sire and dam. She has amazing jet black pigmentation, lovely bright white long coat, and nice bone on an otherwise very feminine frame. She is built similar to her mother, however some aspects of her father, which maximizes the best attributes of both parents.

Lilith has nice protection instinct, medium-high prey drive, and likes bones and other prey items. She is super intelligent, and very intuitive to her handler. Lilith is very eager to please and trainable. At her first attendance of shows, she earned IABCA National and International Junior Champion titles, and also won Best Rare Breed Puppy in Show. Lilith earned her FCI Junior Mexican and PanAmerican Champion titles in April 2018.