Natus Astra Avis Del Branco Selvaggio


Natus Astra Avis Del Branco Selvaggio, aka Natus, is here from Russia! Italian born and of great pedigree, we found Natus through our search for a suitable male to use as stud to our next generation of girls here at Moro. In order to maintain the best of health, structure, and character, we found that we had to look outside of the United States for acceptable males that were not already related to our own stock.
Natus has World Winners in his pedigree, as well as good working temperamented dogs proven through Schutzhund/IPO titling, showing us a strength in character and stability in pedigree. Natus is clear of all testable genetic anomalies, and has the best hip and elbow ratings given by the European standard. Although beauty is important, health and character should supercede all else in dog breeding and we are hopeful that he will fulfill all of our expectations.
Natus is a proven stud, and had previously been bred to a female of common lineage with our own, and with lovely results. We are excited to see how Natus produces for us.
Natus arrived April 2018, and immediately settled into our family and gets along well with our female pack. As gorgeous as he is, his biggest strength is his amazing character. Natus is a super happy, highly confident, playful, and emotionally intuitive dog. He is the perfect house dog and has an amazing off switch. Natus is perfectly content to laze about the house so long as he is near his people, where he can feel comfy that he is able to be on guard or offer (or get) hugs. Natus loves water, sticks, balls, likes to use his nose and has an appropriate defensive drive. He love to tug, take a bite sleeve, fetch (all day long) or do anything in which he is engaging with his people. At heart he is a real dog’s dog, so is comfy getting wet, dirty, or stinky doing the kind of things that real dogs love to do. He is the perfect sire for our girls that also love the outdoor life.

Stud Service: Natus was imported for the exclusive use to enhance the Moro/Parsons lineage. He is available for stud service to any female of our lines, whether or not we own the female, so long as the female has passed health clearances. Natus is not available for stud service outside of our lines, unless a female comes along whose mating with Natus would likely produce a puppy that we would like to bring into our program.

In addition to the adult champion titles Natus has earned, he also possesses the following Junior Champion titles:
Junior Champion of Russia
Junior Champion of Eurasia
Junior Champion of Ukraine
Junior Champion of Belarus
Junior Champion of Bulgaria
Junior Champion of Romania
Junior Champion of Moldova
Junior Club Champion
Lithuanian Youth Champion
Junior Baltic Winner