Parsons Supernova


Parsons Supernova is the progeny of our Grand Champion Regalwise D’Annika von Parsons bred to an outcross German male, Oslo of White Energy. Annika ranked multiple years in the UKC Top Ten for White Shepherds and she brought her amazing physical characteristics to the litter, while Oslo gave us strength and confidence of character and reinforced great coat color and pigmentation.

Nova, as we call her, is one of the easiest keepers we have ever had. Properly protective and business-like, yet also friendly and silly all in one dog. She is the enforcer in our doggy house pack, and keeps the younger girls in line.
She is a wonderful a mother and grandmother, being very gentle yet diligent in her duties.

Nova is a low-medium energy girl, but having strong protective drives and high prey drive. Not to worry though, her puppies have many times been placed in homes with cats and never had a problem. Her character is very well suited for homes with smaller children, as she is a rather mellow girl and has excellent house manners. Nova loves Mexican food and talks like Scooby-Doo and passes her adorable antics onto many of her pups.

Physically, Nova is one of the nicer dogs we have ever produced in our breeding program, and has excelled everywhere we have taken her for competitions of beauty. Nova is a smaller girl, maintaining about 65lbs in prime condition. She carries the long coat gene, and bred to a long coated stud will produce about 50% long coated puppies in a given litter. Nova is a wonderful producer and her puppies are always of amazing beauty and she has yet to produce anything less than breed quality progeny in structure and character.