Pallas of the Parsons


Pallas is a low energy and easy going girl, who would prefer to be the only dog, or would get along fine with a puppy or even a male dog. Pallas likes stuffy toys, and freeing them of their insides. She loves bones, hooves, bully sticks etc and is very happy to lounge around the house. Pallas likes kids and travels well and is an easy keeper.

Pallas is a gorgeous short coated female out of our mating of Parsons Supernova “Nova” and our Regalwise Faust “Lucky”. She has excellent conformation, very good drives and high confidence and much eagerness to learn and work. She has an open and sweet disposition, yet also already has shown nice defensive instincts for protection. Pallas has an amazing overall character, being able to act based on thoughtfulness combined with great instincts. She is the most natural and wonderful first time mother we have ever seen.

Pallas possesses the best qualities of both parents, having high stability of temperament and the incredible intelligence of her sire, with the exquisite physicality of her dam. Pallas is of medium boning, level topline, very well balanced gait with proper front and rear reach, and proper coming and going. She is a very curvy girl, with excellent forechest and neckline, giving her a proud and regal outline. She carries the long coated gene, inherited from her papa Lucky, and produced a mix of long and short coated puppies.