Moro's Renata de Blanc


Renata's Health Clearances

  • MDR1 (Multi-drug sensitivity): Clear by parentage
  • DM (Degenerative myelopathy): Clear by parentage
  • vWD (von Willebrand): Clear by parentage
  • Hemophilia A: Clear by parentage
  • CEA (collie eye anomaly): Clear by parentage
  • Pituitary dwarism: Clear

Renata's Accomplishments

  • Grand Champion Macedonia
  • Champion Croatia
  • Jr International Champion of Beauty
  • Jr Champion Hungary
  • Jr Champion Serbia
  • Jr Champion Romania
  • Jr Champion Slovenia
  • Jr Champion Bosnia/Herzegovina
  • Jr Champion Kosovo
  • Jr Champion Macedonia
  • Jr Champion Albania
  • Jr Champion Montenegro
  • IDS Swiss Grand Prix Best Jr female
  • 2024 Crufts Qualified x2
  • Slovenia Jr Club Winner
  • Budapest President's Cup Winner
  • Junior herding group winner

Renata is a gorgeous daughter of Sif, with all of the presence and regal qualities of her mother. She has the structural type of her mother, but with a personality more like her papa Natus, as well as heavier boning than that of her mother. Her expression is amazing, and you could look all day at her lovely face and into her beautiful dark and almond shaped eyes. Her structure is better than her parents, having somehow taken the best of them both. The production of Renata is what dog breeding is all about for me- to produce an even better breed specimen than the generation before. Renata is in Europe currently, showing in Junior class, until she turns one year old and can show as an adult. In the first 10 days of starting her show career in Europe, she had already earned a Cruft’s qualifier for 2024, a Junior Herding group 1st, 3 Junior Champion Titles, and her Junior International Champion of Beauty. We are excited to see how her training and competitive show career progresses.