Parsons Lady Sif


Parsons Lady Sif is a littermate to our Parsons Deesse du Soleil. It was time to keep something for our program in passing on Sunshine to the next generation, and my husband and I prefer slightly different things in our ideal dog. Lady Sif, is Mike’s girl. She is spunky, full of drive, and has everything to be an amazing working dog. She has great prey drive, bite drive, and with her natural defensive instincts, we are hoping to turn her into a protection dog. Please do not let that fool you- she is super friendly and has a very open character that is confident and strong. Her dam is our Sunshine and sire, our Lucky. Physically, Sif is an amazing beauty. She has a lovely regal stature, having a long neckline, and very graceful outline and nice balance in both side gait and her coming and going movement. Lady Sif has a short bright white coat and good pigmentation, properly low tail set and a long tail reaching the ground. She carries the long coated gene from her sire, and produces both long and shorted coated puppies.