Parsons Voodoo Queen


Strega's Health Clearances

  • PennHIP L: 0.28 R: 0.34

Strega's Accomplishments

Strega has been placed in a service home as a protection dog and seizure alert dog. We are happy to advise that so far it is a perfect match!

It was with great sadness that we had to place Strega, but we are excited about her placement, continued training, and for her potentially life saving job she has with her new owner.

Strega is a stunning girl with a fantastic temperament. She has high prey and play drive and high energy levels that produced very nice results in her French Ring training. French Ring is a 100+ year old protection sport, similar to IPO. It is a combination of protection, and obedience, with some jumps thrown in. Our dogs are expected to be well socialized and have to pass a test (CSAU, similar to CGC) before being allowed to compete. Unfortunately, she had to be retired and placed in a new home.

Strega is a protective of her dog and people pack, and is a very good guardian to our toddler son, Patrick. She is a very happy-go-lucky dog that will chase a ball all day long or until your arm goes numb. She is happiest when having a job to do or some activity to keep her busy as she always seems to be in gear and rarely idling. Physically she is absolutely beautiful. She has a regal quality to her carriage, and has proper side gait and coming and going movement. She has excellent coat color, pigment, and a very feminine look that is appropriate for our breed.