Parsons Darling of the Sun


Sunshine's Health Clearances

  • OFA Hips: Fair (Prelim)
  • OFA Elbows: Normal (Prelim)
  • PennHIP L: 0.28 R: 0.32 Percentile: 80th
  • MDR1: Clear
  • DM: Clear

Sunshine's Accomplishments

  • UKC Champion pointed
  • WSCC Temperament and Manners Test
  • AKC S.T.A.R Puppy

Sunshine is for sale. She will have her last litter in Summer 2018. After this last litter she will retire and be available to a pet home. If interested in Sunshine, please contact us. She is $800, which includes her spay so she is ready to be a lounging house dog or outdoor companion to an active home. She turned 5 years old in February 2018. She is used to being a house dog, and uses the dog door to gain access outside for pottying. She travels very well in the car and knows basic commands, is crate trained, and has an open and friendly character. She is available to go early October 2018.

Sunshine is the granddaughter of our Sapphire and the Daughter of our Darla. Sunshine is a relaxed yet energetic girl, having much prey drive and scent tracks well. She sniffs and tracks all over our property looking for animals in the ground to dig for. If she is in prey drive, she is an energizer bunny. However, she transitions to a couch potato nicely in the house. She is protective, yet is also the sweetest lap dog you could ever know. She is very trainable and eager to please and would make a fantastic therapy dog. She can read people’s moods and how they are feeling physically, and gauges her communications/contacts with people accordingly. She naturally understands to be gentle around children. Sunshine has produced many many service dogs, including Parsons Akioyodasan Vanzay, an amazing Search dog in New Mexico. Sunshine has insane ball drive, and rarely is seen without a ball in her mouth. Physically, she has absolutely to die for coat color, pigmemtation, eye color and ear set. She has the exact same carriage and movement as her grandmother, who is a Multi-Breed Best in Show winner, and boasts the same composition as her sire, our Solomon.