Rus Pride Tom Cruise


Tom came to us in February 2024, after we purchased him in 2023 and sent him to our confirmation handler for 6 months in Europe. There he toured several countries, and accumulating champion titles in 7 countries. Tom is from Margarita Tsaregorodtseva, who owns Rus Pride Kennel in Russia. Tom has passed all health screenings we have put him through, has a strong and masculine physique, and an open and friendly character. He is extremely intelligent and learns his commands in new languages quickly (Russian, Hungarian, English) and picks up new teachings quickly and eagerly. Tom is a very confident boy, very comfy with new places, new people, travels extremely well, and is very social with both dogs and people. Tom is very toy driven and is rarely seen without a ball. Now that Tom is finally with us, and has proven himself to be well structured and of good character dog in the show ring through his titling, he will reside with us for siring litters, train for obedience, rally, dock diving, and perhaps even some bitesport. We goes to training weekly, and his obedience is coming along nicely.