Parsons AkioYodasan VanZay


Yodasan's Health Clearances

  • OFA Hips: Good (Prelim)
  • OFA Elbows: Normal (Prelim)
  • PennHIP L: 0.21 R: 0.22 Percentile: 90th

AkioYodasan is a wilderness/urban search dog in the last stages of his training for Taos Search and Rescue. He is being cross-trained: for both Live Find and HRD, in Air/Area Search and Track/Trail. Additionally, he is being exposed to finding under snow and water. In this way, he will be prepared to best serve his team in any situation, as was his predecessor before him. His work-ability and adaptability through all these modalities and environments has been exceptional. He learns quickly and has excellent work drives.

AkioYodasan has a very happy countenance and is super friendly with everyone he meets. He is strong-willed and driven to succeed. He exhibits such a nice balance of the qualities I needed, as he is quite independent, yet he also thrives on attention and affection. This has given him the ability to readily work and range away from me to make a find, yet is very eager to go into a new person he has never met. The breeder worked with me very well to ensure both certain temperament qualities and exposures through development.

He is a very good problem solver. I have already put him through many paces with puzzle toys that he must figure out solo or take my direction to figure out, so we work as a team. He loves each challenge and approaches them with zealous vigor. His skills at problem solving scent scenarios is improving monthly as he slowly gains more experience in different terrains, situations, and weather conditions. By year’s end, I think he will have adequate experience to face many of the situations and problems required, although you can never prepare for everything.

AkioYodasan is extremely athletic and took to all agility obstacles right away. He is excellent at jumping, even from a standing position and has always had a natural inclination to lift his hind legs to easily clear the jump. He likes to tunnel into small spaces and I am currently working him on getting better with foot placement for ladder climbing.

He has not shown any sensitivities to sound or movement. He never flinches in the least at things such as slippery surfaces, movement under his feet, or loud noises of any kind. He has had no problem with gunshots, dropping objects, thunder, cars back-firing, etc, even when in super-close proximity. He loads the Blackhawk helicopter very well when in full rotation, so rotor wash or aircraft noise are no issue.

He never met a toy he didn’t love. In fact, it has been a challenge to find the one toy for his search reward because of this fact. Dogs usually have a favorite, but I cannot seem to identify any favorite with him. He seems to be equally crazy over a ball, a frisbee, a puzzle toy, or a tug. I have chosen tug for his search reward because of the personal contact, focus and bonding that tugging can bring, along with the tighter control it gives in sometimes perilous or sensitive settings.

He currently assists and demonstrates for me when I teach obedience, agility, behavior modification, K9 enrichment and nose-work classes. He has always done well with this, but is getting even more fine-tuned and sensitive to what I need of him with other people and dogs as time goes on, as I would expect.

He currently does not seem to have any stomach issues, sensitivities to food, or does not have an issue of loose stools when stressed.

AkioYodasan is temperamentally very well-rounded and exhibits excellent health at this time. I have been more than pleased with him personally and his performance as a working dog. Parson’s did an excellent job in breeding this fine male.