Moro's Mononoke Hime of Ten Peaks


San's Health Clearances

  • OFA Hips: Good (prelim)
  • OFA Elbows: Normal (prelim)
  • PennHIP L: 0.29 R: 0.33 Percentile:
  • Patella: Normal
  • Dentition: Full dentition
  • MDR1: Clear
  • DM: Clear

The production of San was a long time in waiting. She is named after the Wolf Goddess in the anime ‘Princess Mononoke’, after which our breeding program is now named. She is the culmination of nearly all of our foundation stock in one dog: Elka, Sapphire, Hagan, and Solomon. Her sire is Best In Show winning Parsons Album Dominus “Ajax”. She is the great granddaughter of Best in Show winning “Sapphire”, granddaughter of Elka, granddaughter of Reserve Best in Show winning “Solomon”. San has stunning conformation, with good pigmentation and a bright white coat. She carries strong protection instincts and a confident, strong character. San is extremely intelligent and has a strong desire to work and train. At her first exhibition at dog shows, she earned two Best Puppy in Show wins! At her second conformation event, she earned her Junior National and International title. We are very excited for her future! Health clearances to happen soon.