Y Litter

Litter Info:

  • Whelp date:
  • Sire: Lucky
  • Dam: Nala
  • Puppies:
    • Male:
    • Female:

Expected traits:

Y Litter (Lucky x Nala), 9 puppies born on April 9th. All pups from this litter are sold.

This will be an all long coat litter due to both parents being coated. Both sire and dam are of extremely high intelligence and extreme trainability. Medium energy puppies with good drives for toy/prey/tracking expected. Both parents are conformation champions and have open and friendly temperaments. Lucky has produced many service dogs, and Nala was imported to set physical traits, while maintaining great health and genetic diversity.

Pricing of individual pups will dependent on judge written evaluations at 7.5 weeks, with pricing range to be $2800-$3200.

Please see our adoption page for more info on adoption, or if you’re ready to be screened for a future purchase click the following: