Litter Info:

  • Whelp date: Oct 16, 2016
  • Sire: Lucky
  • Dam: Sunshine
  • Puppies:
    • Male:
    • Female:

Expected traits:

Another repeat mating of Sunshine and Lucky. Mike and I each wanting to keep a pup from this litter, we were blessed with 7 puppies to choose from! This litter produced Parsons Lady Sif and Parsons Deesse du Soleil. Sif has the most amazing prey drive coupled with a lovely structure and regal aspect to her. She has a very open and friendly character, but loves to bite the tug! Her prey drive makes her an excellent protection dog candidate. Soleil is the ultimate nose dog. Nicknamed Tigger, Soleil is the happiest, bounciest dog on earth. Both girls will be the next generation of our breeding program, being the great granddaughters of our foundation bitch, Sapphire.